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Liminal is a partnership between architect Frances Crow and sound artist and composer David Prior. We began working together in 1996, and formalised our working partnership in 2003. Our work focuses on exploring the relationship between sound, listening and the environment. It encompasses site-specific interventions and sound walks, gallery installations, performances, research and consultancy as well as sound and music environments for exhibitions

Selected work

Of This Parish: A Film (2014) »
Of This Parish: A Film (2014)
A film; as a sonic portrait of the Parish of Sul and a meditation on the changing role of bells in a rural community
Chroma: Interaction of Noise (2013) »
Chroma: Interaction of Noise (2013)
Chroma: Interaction of Noise uses the colours of noise to sculpt the sound-space of the ‘white-box’ of the Paul Stolper gallery
Of This Parish (2013) »
Of This Parish (2013)
The notion of ‘Parish’ as phonosphere is the point of departure for Of This Parish. It can be said that the Parish is the zone
Organ of Corti (2010-11) »
Organ of Corti  (2010-11)
Organ of Corti, winner of PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Award 2010, is a four metre high, visually transparent sonic crystal that takes sounds